Meet The Team

Yo, I’m Redhood_Ghost (a.k.a. Austin Bowers), sole author of Four Hearts Academy. Red is my favorite color. I love all things fighting games, especially Granblue Fantasy Versus. Every ghost story you can think of was inspired by myself, an actual ghost- true story! I write fantasy because I love to get lost in the worlds that authors create with their wildest imaginations. Four Hearts Academy is my contribution to that noble art, and I hope everyone who drops by here enjoys reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

Hello, my name is Jenessa but I like to by Reika onlien mostly. I’m a shy, semi-outgoing person, a hermit who works from home, and love to play games and watch anime. I have two wonderful children at home I love dearly. I work on art and commissions from home, attending conventions to sell prints and merchandise. It’s the best job I could’ve ever asked for! It goes to show if things don’t work out, work hard and you can make things possible!
*Author’s note: The Series Logos are her handiwork :]*