Cover: Runs In The Family

“I know she isn’t my biggest fan,” he says into his phone with a shrug, “but she most certainly wasn’t against my plan at the start.”
     “That attitude runs in the family,” a gruff male voice booms on the other end.
     “Should I contact her?” He only seeks counsel from a select few. The one he speaks with now is his best friend. The man he grew together with. They hadn’t been born in the nicest town, but it made them both fine warriors. They share numerous experiences, which resulted in scars, betrayals, and love. There were times all three were indistinguishable from one another.
     “Oh, come on,” he says. “Surely you could at least offer up a reason just as icily.”
     The voice on the other end goes silent.
     Even without a visual cue, he can read the sudden, shallow breaths of his friend. “You’re afraid she might bring –”
     “No need to lie to me, remember?”
     “It’s not a lie.”
     “I can hear –”
     The call ends abruptly, leaving him staring at his phone in a stupor. This is how most of their conversations go. He picks up on some nagging insecurity or issue his best friend will not let him into and attempts to drill his way inside. He often makes jokes at his expense, but what better way to hide wisdom than just before a laugh. Most find his humor inappropriate or childish, failing to recognize his true motives.
     He looks up at the sun.
     She never did.

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