Cover: A Nocturnal Man

He can imagine her face there as plain as day, despite the burn hole having erased it from the photo. Half of his face is also missing, leaving his unyieldingly bright smile. The woman in his arms was his sun. He saw her when he rose in the morning and would chase her around the world to keep it within sight. Going blind was preferable to losing her.
     He would hold her now as he held her back then. His arms around her waist, his chin resting in the crook of her neck, the drumming of their heartbeats colliding through their clothes. The union they shared was the only time he could go without fear or anger. He was a diurnal man with her.
     The moment they were no longer together, his smile turned dark, expressed only when he could experience fear or anger. He sought out situations that would inevitably bring those emotions to the surface. In time, he decided to cause fear in others, pleased to learn that worked just as well. He had become a nocturnal beast in recent years.
     Yet, though lost in grief and depression, he knew with the piece of his heart she still held control over, that she would not approve. So, in an effort to maintain his sanity and undying love for her, he changed his patterns. He no longer hunts others for gainless catharsis. He now does the things he does for the same reason she lived her life.
     To better the world for those yet to come to experience it.
     All of his latest victims were interfering with his current mission, which, if it went according to plan, would be his greatest adventure and triumph. Something that she would be proud to see him accomplish.
     He pockets the photo when a pair of armed soldiers approach from the end of the corridor. He shows a dark smile full of teeth as they stop before him.
     “They will see you now,” they say together.

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